Year 11 to Year 12 Transition Work

Please click on the links below for transition work for each course! Any questions please email our Director of Sixth, Miss Kendrick,



Accounting Transition Tasks



Y11 Transition Art Craft and Design supporting

PPT Y11Transition_Art, Craft and Design_2020



ChickenWingDissection information

BTEC Business

BTEC Business Transition work activities

Y11-Y12 BTEC Business Transition Work 2020

BTEC Childcare & Development

Childcare & Development transition work

BTEC Forensic & Criminology

Forensics transition work

BTEC Health & Social Care

Health and Social Care Transition Pack

HSC Transition Task


Year 11 Law Transition

BTEC Music Performance

Y11 – Transition work BTEC Music performance

BTEC Performing Arts

Y11 – Transition work – P. Arts BTEC

BTEC Psychology

Y11 Transition BTEC Applied Psychology Instructions

Y11 Transition BTEC Applied Psychology Task Booklet

BTEC Sport & Ex Science

Year 11-12 Btec Sport Transition Brief Summer 2020.doc

Year 11 – 12 Btec Sport Worksheet Part A

Unit 2 Year 11-12 Btec Sports Worksheet Part B

Business Studies

Business Studies Transition 2020

Inside Aldi part 1

Inside Aldi part 2

Inside Aldi part 3

Inside Aldi part 4 (1)


~�1-12 Transition Work 2020

Chem Transition pack 2020

Y11-12 Transition Work 2020.doc

Computer Science

Enrolment Task Comp Sci 2020

D&T Product Design

A level specification

Invictus D&T factsheet

Invictus D&T Sixth form

@ Leasowes Invictus D&T Taster & Summer task 2020

Y11 – D&T Transition work – 2020


Drama Y11 – Transition work 2020

English Lang & Lit

English Lang & Lit – Transition work – 2020

English Lang and Lit Transition resources

English Literature

~�1 – Transition work proforma – 2020

BETJEMEN notes (1)

English Lit Transition work – 2020

KS5 Reading List 2020_

Film Studies

Camera Angles Help Sheet (for task 5)

Y11 – Transition Work for Film Studies – 2020


Sixth Form Y11 Transition Task A Level Human Geography

The Carbon Cycle

What makes people vulberable to hazards

Y11 – Transition work Geography – 2020


A Level History – Y11 Transition Task 2020

ICT Digital Media

Y11 – Transition work Digital Media – 2020


Maths Induction pack 2020

Media Studies

Identifying Camera Task

Media Language – font and typeface (1) (1)

Media Language Camera Angles

Y11 – Transition work -Media Studies


Y11 – Transition work – Music A Level

Music Technology

Y11 – Transition work MUSIC TECH


Photography transition work

Physical Education

Transition Task 1

Coursework Task 2

Data example.docx

Football example.docx

Netball example.docx

Rugby example.docx

Skiing example.docx

Swimming example.docx


~�1-12 Transition Work 2020

Transition booklet Y11-12

Physics Transition Work 2020


Y11 -politics Transition work proforma – 2020

Y11 -politics Transition work proforma – 2020


Y11 Transition A Level Psychology Instructions

Y11 Transition A Level Psychology Task Booklet

Religious Studies

Religious Studies A level Transition task 2020


Year 11 Sociology Transition