The vast majority of our students go on to university. In order to prepare students for the application process, and to give them the very best chance of success, each campus within Invictus Sixth Form will provide a comprehensive and structured programme of support and guidance we call ‘Futures’. This course covers a wide range of topics including advanced study skills, revision techniques, driver safety, preparation for job applications and the university application process. As part of this programme, students are given the opportunity to visit various universities. Previously we have taken students to Aberystwyth, Aston, Birmingham, Cambridge, Edge Hill and Oxford Universities to enable them to gain an insight into university life. For those students who decide to take a gap year, seek employment or choose to explore the apprenticeship route, we offer advice on writing CVs, completion of application forms and preparation
for interview. Students are also enrolled into our Unifrog programme and Pathway CTM, both of which support students through the decision making process for life after the Sixth Form.


sixth Form is a bridge between school and university where we aim to develop students’ independence. A-Levels are challenging and we seek to support and guide our students as they make the transition from GCSE to A-Level study. During their time with us we acknowledge that students may at some point face a difficulty, whether in relationships, health, family life, academic or other issues. Our teams within each campus are experienced in identifying those students in need of extra care and guidance and will ensure that everything possible is done to provide them with the necessary support to enable them to fulfil their potential. We are proud to be able to offer students a personal tutor whom they will meet with regularly. We also provide access to Learning Mentors, Student Counsellors and the Staffordshire/Dudley Careers
Guidance Service.