Mental Health Impact Day @ Invictus Sixth

Today Year 12 & 13 students from across our 6 campuses were invited to Wombourne High Campus to take part in ‘Mental Health Impact Day’. The aim of the day was to raise awareness of mental health and well being using workshops hosted by special guests and experts.

The day started with our keynote speaker for the day, Lucy Alexander, who shared the story of her son Felix who had sadly took his own life, aged 17, after being tormented by bullies. Lucy spoke from the heart and from experience about the importance sharing feelings and speaking about mental health with others.

Students then selected 3 of the 7 available workshops to attend throughout the day. The topic of workshops were:

Workshop 1 – The benefits of exercise and good mental health/food and nutrition for health

Workshop 2 – Having a healthy relationship with social media

Workshop 3 – How to deal with pressure, stress and anxiety

Workshop 4 – The power of doing

Workshop 5 – Self-belief, self-love and self-promotion

Workshop 6 – Healthy relationships

Workshop 7 – Addiction and the link to mental health

The workshops were selected by our Director of Sixth, Jane Kendrick, to help equip our students with the knowledge, tools and resources to cope with the pressures of modern life.

There is a small gallery from the day available on our Facebook page